Where the Tlel Meets the SeaWhere the Tlel Meets the Sea

Matins Pacific RimMatins Pacific Rim

Charlie and GavinCharlie and Gavin

PR: That’s why I like drawing the figure, and when I do figures in landscape I would draw the figure so that the figure was translucent, so you could see the environment coming through meaning that the environment is important to our existence as we are important to protecting the environment. That was very much in my mind at the time, because I did a lot of landscapes with figures in them.

I think some people don’t like it very much, because that’s not the way they see it. They don’t see the landscape through a person. Why would you do that?

Sara: Have you ever had anyone ask you if they are ghosts?

PR: Oh, yes. A lot of people say, ‘your work is very ghostly’.

Oh yes, yes. But they’re not really.

I think I’ll always do that if I’m putting a figure in the landscape because that’s what I believe.

The big one of Charlie and Gavin in their garden, their vegetable garden—you can see right through them. 

I’m not painting illustrations, I’m painting something I’m thinking about. I don’t want to be too specific—in painting them—just the rudiments of something.